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PAL Meeting
  The next public general meeting will be held at the PAL on April 23 at 8:00.
  Everyone is invited to attend!  Agenda for meeting can be found here and will be updated throughout the month.
Baseball Registration - In progress.  See link below
Soccer Tournament Registration - In progress.  See link below
Soccer Travel Registration - Information to be posted shortly
Soccer Summer In-town Registration - April/May dates to be posted
Cheerleading Fall Registration - Dates to be announced
Football Fall Registration - Dates to be announced


Basketball - 8th Grade Boys Take Championship
Could the script have been written any better?  The two teams that ended up tied for first place met each other for the third time this season after advancing to the championship game on March 15.  Both the Lincoln Park Lightning and Edgewater finished the regular season with a 13-1 record.  Each team’s only loss was to each other.  This game also featured another telling statistic.  Lincoln Park finished the regular season with the leagues top defense while Edgewater finished the season with the leagues top offense.  The game did not start out well for Lincoln Park.  Mid-way through the first period Edgewater gained a 12-2 lead.  A smartly called time out led to a quick basket, a steal for two more and before you knew it, it was a tied game.  The excitement lasted up to the last play of the game with Lincoln Park holding a 2 point edge with under three seconds left in the game and Lincoln park inbounding the ball in a dangerous area under Edgewater’s basket.  Lincoln Park called their new play “Raiders” and successfully killed the remaining time on the clock to give Lincoln Park a dramatic 34-32 win.  Congratulations to the 8th grade boys and Coach Keith, Coach Steve & Coach Larry.

Baseball - As a reminder, we are not affiliated with the Tri-town Little League.  The flyer you may have received in your Friday folder is for a league based in Boonton.  The LP PAL Baseball/Softball program has been in place for over 50 years and registration has begun. 

WHO CAN PLAY: -Boys and Girls ages 5 and up.

WHAT IS IT: Lincoln Park in-town baseball and softball – The Lincoln Park PAL is the only youth league that plays their games in Lincoln Park on Lincoln Park fields. The season runs from mid-March until Fathers Day weekend. The PAL offers for Boys……t-ball, instructional, prep, minors, and majors. For girls….t-ball, instructional, minors, and majors. All children are placed in appropriate divisions based on age. 
Saturday Feb 22nd 9am-1pm
Thursday Feb 27th 6pm-8pm
Saturday March 1st 9am-1pm
COST: T-ball and Instructional $55.00 -All other divisions $75.00

Spring Soccer Classic Tournament
Our one day soccer tournament will be held on Saturday May 3.  Please visit our soccer pages for more information. 

Concussion in Sports 

              Fast Facts

A concussion is a brain injury and all are serious.

Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness. 
Recognition and proper response to concussions when they first occur can help prevent further injury or even death.  The PAL is requiring all coaches to complete a free online course to help better recognize and understand concussions.  The course can be taken at



Facebook - The Lincoln Park P.A.L. is now on Facebook! Get all registration information, as well as notices and news from the LP PAL as it happens. Give us a like to add us to your timeline!  


Why?  Someone asked why we had to get the kids off of the field when there was only thunder. Please read the information below from NOAA concerning the danger of lightning. In addition, we are not permitted to re-enter the field for 30 minutes from the last thunder or lightning. This means everytime we see or hear it, the 30 minute clock restarts.

All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous. In an average year, lightning kills more people in the U.S. than either tornadoes or hurricanes.

Lightning often strikes outside the area of heavy rain and may strike as far as 10 miles from any rainfall. Many deaths from lightning occur ahead of storms because people wait too long before seeking shelter, or after storms because people return outside too soon.

If you hear thunder, you are in danger. Anytime thunder is heard, the thunderstorm is close enough to pose an immediate lightning threat to your location.

Lightning leaves many victims with permanent disabilities. While only a small percentage of lightning strike victims die, many survivors must learn to live with very serious, lifelong disabilities.

Coaches - Any time someone on your team is injured, an injury form needs to be filled out and submitted to the program head.  You can click here for a copy of the new form.
Parents - Anytime your child is injured playing a PAL sport that requires a visit to the doctor or hospital, we need to be aware of it.  The coach should be completing an injury report form that we keep on file.  If you are not sure if a form has been completed, please send an email to the PAL president at
Concussions In Sports - There has been much talk in the media lately about concussions. While there has been a reported increase in athletes suffering concussions, some of this may be attributed to a better understanding of concussions. New research now points out that minor head injuries may in fact be concussions. You do not need to lose consciousness to be diagnosed as suffering a concussion. Concussions can cause serious health issues later in life if athletes are permitted to return to sports before they are fully healed. It is important for coaches to recognize concussion symptoms and to provide proper care when they do occur. The PAL is requiring all coaches to complete a free online course to help better recognize and understand concussions. After you complete the class you can print off a certificate indicating you have completed the course. The course can be taken at
Give, Without Giving - Huh?  How would you like to donate to the PAL without a penny coming out of your pocket?  If you have a checking or savings account at Boiling Springs Bank, the PAL can make money through your participation in the Community Alliance Program.  This program is completely anonymous (we don't know who the participants are or their balances) and the money comes from the bank, not your account.  For more information on the program, click here.  To enroll in the program, next time you are at the bank let them know, or complete this form and drop off at the bank.  If you are looking to open a new checking or savings account, this is a GREAT reason to select Boiling Springs and a GREAT opportunity to help support the PAL programs.
Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic - The Lincoln Park PAL requires all coaches attend the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y (Sports Awareness for Educating Today's Youth) clinic.  In accordance with the stipulations in the Little League Law, the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic:
  • helps coaches minimize the risk of injury to young athletes
  • provides information about fundamental coaching concepts which enhances volunteer coaches' effectiveness
  • protects volunteer coaches from civil lawsuits
  • The Lincoln Park P.A.L. has been conducting Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. classes since 2009 and over 250 of our volunteer
    coaches have completed the course
We hold classes periodically during the year at the PAL and coaches are also able to take the class at other
locations throughout the year.  For a list of open classes held in NJ, click here

Donations - Donations can be made securely online at any time by credit card using our Paypal account:  

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